Saalbach - X Line

X-Line Info:

The X Line One of the longest freeride trails in Europe With a total length of more than 6 km and a vertical drop of 1025 m, the X-Line powered winds its way down from the summit to the valley station of the Schattberg lift, making it one of the longest freeride trails in Europe. On this variety-packed singletrail with its downhill character, there are numerous passages with obstacles and roots. All bikers, from soul riders to downhill pros are sure to find what they are looking for. NEW from mid of July: Have a go at the new X-Line Challenge and time yourself. You can see how successful you have been straight away on the web, compare yourself with others, or just share it with friends. Length: 6.8 km Altitude Difference: 1.025 m Difficulty: Hard

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