Leogang - Flowmaster

Flowmaster & Lumberjack Info:

Flowmaster is one of the most popular trails in the Bikepark Leogang. It was designed by the jump specialist Markus Hampl, who shaped the dirt jumps of the Red Bull District Ride as well as the great jumps on flow master.
Important TIPP: take it step by Step, be patient at the trails and you will get more and more successful at every stage of the training; it all pays off when you hit the longer trails. For seasoned bikers and professionals this track guarantees the ultimate adrenalin buzz.
Lumber Jack Trail The Bikepark Leogang Crew reconstructed its northshore park - the "Lumberjack Trail". They completed it for the summer of 2012. It has a huge wallride as well as a whole bunch of northshore ladders and logs including a variety of different sized drops are waiting for mountain bikers of every skill set to give it a go. Check it out every time you ride the cable car and decide which drop to hit first!

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