Leogang - Hangman II

Hangman II Info:

From the eastside of the middle station to the valley floor of the Asitz cable car. This trail is great for everyone to ride it is a nice, easy going, trail where you can test your skills before you try the freeride or downhill. This single trail leads directly from "Mittel Station" (central cable car station) across a meadow and into the adjoining forest. From there the track takes on a snake-like pattern with tight curves and pumps until you arrive on the actual forest trail. You will continue along this trail until you reach Embachhalde, where you will turn left into a luscious meadow path, which leads to a track along the Leoganger river before finally returning to the cable car station.
This trail is specially designed for beginners and offers seasoned bikers an alternative terrain to test their skills. It is the best trial in the region for beginners to bring their skill set up to become great Freeriders and Downhillers of the future.

  • Height Decent
  • Length
  • Average Decent
  • Difficulty
    % Easy

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